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Teacher Threatens Naughty Students Spoilers for “Game of Thrones”

Well, it is a way to silence children! 

On the move, which would make Tywin Lannister proud scheming, the Belgian teacher threatened students that will reveal spoilers of “Game of Thrones“, if they are not quiet.

After discovering that most of the students watching the HBO fantasy drama, math teacher told the class that if they continue to be too loud during class, will reveal the names of those who died during the third season at the plate in front of the whole class. 

As fans of the series know, last season we had a terrible Red Wedding, during which fans favorite characters met his death. Initially, the students did not listen to warnings, until he began to write the names on the board. Suffice it to say that students quickly fell silent. 

This unusual teaching tactics can be continued for a while since the TV series is based on a seven-part series author George RR Martin. The fourth season of “Game of Thrones” starts on Sunday, April 6. What do you think about the strategy the teacher? 

Would you be quiet if you would have been threatened by the spoilers?

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