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“Ring Kings” is HBO’s “Game of Thrones”

This is boxing’s version of HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

The May 5th showdown between undefeated Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto has been billed as “Ring Kings” but the Mayweather empire is much like the Lannister dynasty that HBO’s series. He rules the boxing world with an iron fist and — whether it is love, envy, hate or something in between — he invokes emotion out of anyone he comes in contact with.

Miguel Cotto is looking to usurp the king on May 5th and send the boxing world spiraling out of control.

It has been all about Floyd Mayweather leading up to the fight. A presentation of Floyd Mayweather’s cover on ESPN’s “The Money Issue” proves that.

The belts don’t matter.

The king sat casually on his thrown with a casual outfit of jeans, t-shirt and shades as the sponsors (aka those who help fill his bank accounts to epic proportions). His seemingly scaled back attire is likely still more expensive than the peasants who try to dethrone him can afford. When you are king, many love you and many hate you.

No, Miguel Cotto is no slouch. He rules his own small empire. He wants more, he feels he deserves more and realizes that the Mayweather reign might be overdue for a conquering.

All dynasties must eventually fall. That’s human nature. It’s what Miguel Cotto will set out to prove on May 5th and Floyd Mayweather will seek to prove wrong.

There are no armies. You see, in boxing’s battle of kings, the rulers don’t let their minions fight for them. In order to demonstrate their supremacy, they will square off mano y mano.