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Game of Thrones Star Michelle Fairley gets Recurring Role in “Suits”

Michelle Fairley will return to TV soon after her “Game of Thrones” stint as a series regular ends. The British star has landed a recurring role in season 3 of USA Network’s legal dramedy “Suits“.

Fairley will portray Ava Hessington, a British entrepreneur who runs a successful international oil company. She turns to Gabriel Macht’s Harvey Specter for help when she is faced with a lawsuit that may cost her the family business, Entertainment Weekly reports. 

Fairley will first appear in the July 16 season 3 premiere episode. She’s not the only “Game of Thrones” actor to recur on the show since Conleth Hill, who plays Lord Varys on the HBO series, has appeared in season 2 and will return as British lawyer Edward Darby in the upcoming installment. 

The actress, who took over the role of Hermione Granger’s mother from Heather Bleasdale in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I“, moves to the USA series after her character Catelyn Stark met her demise in “Thrones” latest episode, “The Rains of Castamere”. Her son Robb Stark, played by Richard Madden, and his pregnant wife Talisa were also killed when attending the so-called Red Wedding. 

The stars have reacted to the massacre, with Madden admitting that he “cried the whole way” home on the plane after he shot the final scene. Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark posted a cute Vine video in which she said, “They dead. Like SO dead. Like OMG dead. My mother and brother are dead,” with a fake Southern accent. 

Fairley, meanwhile, said during live online chat on, “After the week of filming that whole sequence, when we wrapped on set and said goodbye to the crew it was very emotional, but I think all of [us] felt this huge achievement and relief in a way almost.” She added, “From my point of view and Richard’s there was incredible sadness because it was a combination of three years of work.”