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Game of Thrones – Maisie Williams “There’s More Killing and Madness in Arya’s Future”

In the latest episode of Game of Thrones (Sundays, 9/8c, HBO), the youngest Stark daughter realizes that just by uttering a name, she can condemn a person to death at the hands of Jaqen H’ghar, a mysterious man who claims he owes her three deaths to repay her for saving his and two others’ lives. And although this proxy murder is shocking, it’s not the first time Arya has taken a life. Last season, the pint-sized girl impaled a stable boy with her sword in self-defense. The act serves as a rite of passage and a gateway for kills to come.

“I find it really hard to relate to Arya because I can’t even imagine killing someone, but I think that first kill is completely lost on her now,” Maisie Williams, who plays Arya, tells “Although that was a huge deal at the time, that’s just a tiny little piece of this whole madness that’s kind of going on in her life at the moment, and I think there’s more to come. She definitely feels that’s kind of the first of something, and when she realizes she’s capable of doing that, I think it almost scares her a bit, but gives her more confidence because she can stand up for herself.”

Arya has had to grow up fast ever since witnessing her father’s beheading and then fleeing King’s Landing disguised as a boy traveling with recruits for the Night’s Watch. “She’s still not 100 percent confident with where she’s at and who she can trust,” Williams says. “She’s always going to be a bit cautious about things like that because she’s had some people very close to her ripped away. I think it has definitely made her mature an awful lot; She’s not just this kind of fun-loving kid anymore. She’s cheeky and she hasn’t lost that kind of feistiness about her, but she’s a little more reserved.”

Source : TVGuide